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The view rich in natural atmosphere from your room

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OPEN in October 2016

Annex [AQUA]

Special time with utmost relaxation

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Relaxed in spilling hot water

When you soak in the spilling fragrant hot water of Nikko hot spring, with your arms and legs stretched to the full, you will somehow refresh your mind and body by the atmosphere unique to the hot spring of travelling and feel the moment of bliss in the very artistic atmosphere.

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OPEN in June 2016

Private open-air bath

[MIZUHIKARI] (water light)
[MIZUOTO] (water sound)

Private open-air bath

I want to take a bath calmly and leisurely, anyway. We recommend to such people two rooms [MIZUHIKARI] (water light) and [MIZUOTO] (water sound).


Please enjoy our traditional Japanese cuisine brought in courses with delicacies of the season.

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Restaurant for dining [KURA]

Restaurant for dining


Dining restaurant [Kura] offers only table seats with chairs. We have enjoyed good reputation even from elderly and female guests.